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September 28, 2016
28 Sep 2016

Cloud Strategy Review

Confident You and Your Customers Can Thrive in the Cloud Economy?

For a limited time, KBA Cloud Strategy expert, Dan Youngers (Former Microsoft Cloud Lead and Dynamics ERP PTS) and Team will provide a Cloud Strategy Review to rate your Cloud Business Approach at NO Cost.

Besides offering new web-based front ends, subscription based licensing, data security and cloud hosting, the new economics of the Cloud has disrupted many Dynamics Partner’s cost structures and viability, resulting in rapid consolidation in the Channel.

It is time to decide how we will adapt our business approaches to accommodate the inevitable changes that we face, will define our success in the coming years… KBA is positioned to help Partners succeed in delivering successful and profitable cloud implementations, while insulating they’re customers from competitive pressures to migrate to the cloud.

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Cloud Strategy Review

  • Review and rate your Cloud business and delivery strategy.
  • Review your customer base to determine overall feasibility.
  • Review your Cloud marketing strategy.
  • Review your Cloud hosting partnerships.
  • Discuss additional Cloud services application revenue opportunities.
  • Discuss potential gaps, traps and best practices.