Feb 21

KBA announces OfficeforHealth™ for healthcare.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – PRWeb February 20, 2013
KBA announces OfficeforHealth ™ for healthcare. Forces at work in the Healthcare Industry are creating a tremendous opportunity for technological change and innovation.

At the same time, these forces present a challenging environment for the new generation of innovative solution providers who are trying to gain acceptance in what has been traditionally a legacy market.

Solution providers need business experience, industry expertise and a network of trusted relationships to help them navigate through the marketing, partnership, development and technical challenges they face.

KBA Healthcare Services

KBA Healthcare Services, kbaalliances.com, delivers the mix of technical empowerment services, market development, compliance and industry business process expertise and innovation, complimentary solutions to help accelerate growth for the stakeholders in the Value Chain.

KBA Healthcare Alliance Services:

  •   Technical Advisory Services
  • Program Development Services
  • Deployment and Implementation
  • Customer Maintenance and Support
  • Market and Development Services
  • Industry Solutions


OfficeforHealth ™

Based on Microsoft Office 365 Desktop Applications and Business Productivity Solutions, the OfficeforHealth™ Solution provides better overall value for Healthcare-oriented customers, providing access to virtually all of Microsoft’s Desktop Application Products, while reducing the need for dedicated IT administrative staff. Office 365 provides most of Microsoft’s Desktop and Collaboration Tools and Products in a single, integrated, online subscription including email, messaging/telephony, collaboration, desktop applications i.e. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.

KBA’s Healthcare Services Professionals apply their expertise in IT Business Solutions and Compliance, i.e., HIPPA, ICD 10 to deliver OfficeforHealth ™ Solutions to Clinics, Hospitals, Accountable Care Organizations, Long Term Care Businesses and through Partners, i.e., Third Party Administrators and EMR/HIE Partners. KBA also specializes in applying Office for Health to Microsoft Dynamics ERP Customers in partnership and conjunction with Dynamics ERP and CRM Products.

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  1. Bill Allen

    KBA Healthcare Services is dedicated to providing high-value business solutions consulting to Healthcare Providers who are looking to transform their businesses and business processes utilizing the Cloud. KBA is one of the few partners that has the scope of knoweldge and capability to help clients understand how to apply cloud based solutions and technologies wtihin the context of the daunting and dynamic compliance environment that the healthcare industry is faced with.

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