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September 8, 2016
08 Sep 2016

Cloud Transformation – Phase 1 Assessment

Are your cloud transformation decisions being frustrated by the plethora of new options, platforms, applications and services that seem to change day to day? Are you confident that you can transform your operating costs to justify the investment and disruption?

Leading publishers are changing the game through their product roadmaps, bringing their products and services to the point of competitive interoperability and richness. That said, and with the average business maintaining their business solutions for over 15 years, are you confident that you will make the most cost effective and performance centric cloud choices?

If you’re currently shopping for hardware, IT and or business solutions to deploy in you’re on premise datacenter, this would be a great time for you to define your company’s Cloud strategy moving forward.

We can help…

KBA Cloud Experts can help you assess, define and develop the most effective strategy, lowering your Cloud risks to set the stage for your future success!!!

Below are typical questions I would like to review with you during our initial analysis:

  1. Do you have remote and/or mobile employees?
  2. Do you currently backup you’re on premise servers by a tape or external drive?
  3. Do your computer systems go down occasionally?
  4.   Do you install system and software updates and upgrades manually?
  5. Are your companies’ servers sitting in a room without 24-hour security?
  6. Do you have a battery backup power supply?
  7. Do you care about customer and company data that is stored on your servers?
  8. Are your annual maintenance costs too high?
  9. Are your internal and external systems interoperable with new services and platforms?
  10. Are you concerned with system latency caused by web based technologies?
  11. Are you concerned with functional loss of homogenized Cloud Solutions?

Many companies today running on premise hardware and software are not aware of the true cost of downtime, and security breaches.  Just think if your place of business was broken into and your servers were taken or worse yet there was a fire at your place of work.  These types of events can disrupt if not destroy your reputation with your customers.  Your customers today don’t want their private information in the hands of criminals.

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, we would like to spend a few minutes helping you review your particular situation.

Contact: Bill Allen and Dan Youngers KBA Alliances | 503 347-1990 | billa@kbaalliances.com