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May 12, 2016
12 May 2016

Tallwave and KBA Alliances have a unique set of capabilities.

Tallwave and KBA Alliances have a unique set of capabilities that is well-suited for the ISV ecosystems around certain Microsoft and other platforms and software products, including:

  • Modernize and streamline the UI and customer experience to reflect core user values and familiarity with common tools and methods of operation.
  • Migration of legacy platforms to modern, cloud-based, mobile-friendly and API-driven architectures.
  • Expand or enhance the ISV’s market position through state of the art branding and positioning.
  •  Help ISVs to port to other product ecosystems (e.g.) from MSFT to Salesforce or legacy ERP/ERM/EHR and vice versa).
  • Install scalable sales and marketing systems to drive growth and sustain pipeline.

Overview of KBA/Tallwave

KBA is a strategic consulting firm, catering to growth and development of Independent Software Vendors and Cloud Services providers, with specialization in the Microsoft Partner Ecosystem.

Tallwave is a venture development firm that works with venture-backed start-ups, mid-size and enterprise companies on digital products and digital transformation. This includes modern UI/UX, mobile and SaaS development, branding, and marketing