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Strategic Advisors Help Overcome Obstacles to Success.

“Considering the long-standing relationships, the complex forces at work in the channel and within Microsoft, is there a formula an ISV can use to gain entry and build successful partnerships?”

Crowded ecosystems with complex sales processes and technologies, can make marketing business solutions a challenging endeavor. Software publishers who opt for an organic development path often find themselves behind the revenue curve after significant investments have been made. Deep, trusted and relevant experience helps identify the most profitable courses of action, and overcomes inertia.

As a strategic and trusted advisor, KBA helps reduce investment risk, and accelerates time to market. KBA directs and exposes clients to high value opportunities, providing the right answers and solutions in a timely manner, helping to accelerate the growth cycle.

Key Tenets

  • Be Prepared: Readiness, messaging, roadmap, strategy, targets and tactics, alignment.
  • Recruit: Sponsors and influencers… Seek guidance as to people, places and things.
  • Promote: Saturate targets with key messages, create awareness and credibility.
  • Recruit: Partners and Customers… Describe value, secure partnerships and conduct pilots.
  • Propagate: Flesh out the relationship chain, establish cadence with partners and sponsors.
  • Communicate and Collaborate: Build sustainable relationships with partners and sponsors.

Create high-value sales opportunities through sponsorship to target markets and customers.