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  • Strategy 2019

Empowered Growth for the Microsoft Dynamics Partner Ecosystem.

With deep experience in the business solutions marketplace, KBA acts as a strategic partner, helping independent software vendors (ISV’s) accelerate growth through valuable partnerships and strategies. Understanding the realities partners face, KBA Advisors provide relevant insight and validation, helping clients create innovative strategies and alignment to support the goals of the company.

KBA Alliances has consistently delivered results by leveraging a deep understanding of business software, technology, industries, influencers and performance management. With an extensive background, working within the Microsoft Dynamics Partner Ecosystem, we help clients execute winning strategies that maximize their investments.

If you have a passion to grow your business and overcome market or channel inertia, we would love to help. We will work with you to define a strategic plan which will help you to move forward and take advantage of your unique potential, opening the door for exponential growth that is available in the Microsoft Ecosystem.